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EinScan SP 3D Scanner

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A Powerful Companion for Educators and Individuals

Experience the power of 3D scanning right at your fingertips! Using safe, white light scanning, the EinScan SP is easy enough for anyone to use. Just push the start button, and the scan process will turn your object into a 3D model that can then be printed on a 3D printer. The EinScan SP is also compact and lightweight, allowing for easy transportation.

Technical Specs

  • Scan Mode: Fixed Scan, Auto Scan
  • Single Shot Accuracy: ≤0.05 mm
  • Minimum Scan Volume: 30 × 30 × 30 mm
  • Maximum Scan Volume - Fixed Scan: 1200×1200×1200mm
  • Maximum Scan Volume - Auto Scan: 200×200×200mm
  • Range of Single Capture: 200×150 mm
  • Scan Speed - Fixed Scan: <4 s
  • Scan Speed - Auto Scan:  <1 mins
  • Point Distance: 0.17 mm ~ 0.2 mm
  • File Format: OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY
  • Camera Resolution: 1.31 Mega Pixels
  • Computer Requirements: Nvidia series (GTX 660 or higher) Graphic memory > 2G; 1 × USB 2.0 or 3.0; Win7, Win8, Win10 (64 bit); Dual-core i5 or higher; >16 
  • Power Supply: 40 w
  • Input Voltage: DC:12 v, 3.33 A
  • Load Capacity of Turntable: 5 kg
  • Turntable: Includes Markers
  • Calibration Board: HD



The EinScan SP is a multi-functional machine which is able to obtain 3D data quick and effectively. The SP offers the easiest 3D scanning experience for non-technical users.

Faster Scanning Speed
  • The EinScan SP's Automatic Scan and Free Scan modes allow you to scan a variety of sizes from small to large in full colour, allowing for easy reconstruction or digitization of real world objects.  This makes it a great tool for educational training in the world of 3D design.
Completely Plug & Play
  • Once you have assembled the machine, and the software is installed on your system, you're good to go! The EinScan SP is ready for use straight out of the box!


The EinScan SP is the easiest 3D scanning experience for non-technical users, making it perfect for education, desktop 3D printing, etc.

Quick and Efficient
  • With this machine, a single scan can be done in as quick as 8 seconds, and a 360-degree scan can be done in just 2 minutes.
A Flexible Machine
  • This 3D scanner pumps out high-quality scans and is great for assisting in 3D design, 3D printing applications, and reverse engineering parts/tools or numerous other objects.


The EinScan SP is capable of delivering accurate data quickly and effectively. This machine is perfect to use for reverse engineering, archiving, or heritage preservation.

Ideal for Your Workflow
  • The scans from the EinScan SP output high quality renders in a variety of file formats which are also great for use in Animation, CG, VR & AR etc., making it an ideal choice to add to your workflow!


Turntable Base and Tripod Optimal Scanning

The EinScan SP comes with an included turn table to ensure your object is scanned from every angle. Once installed on your system, the software will periodically rotate the base and object during scanning to ensure you always get the most accurate and efficient results.

Scanner Head utilizes Safe White Light Source

Normally, lasers and lights from 3D scanners can be very hazardous for your eyes. The EinScan SP alleviates this issue by utilizing white light which is much safer to use.

Calibration Board Included for Easy Set Up

During set up, the software will walk you through the steps of calibrating the machine using the calibration board. This ensures that the lightest and darkest points of your object are picked up by the Scanner. To facilitate this, Aesub Spray can also be used to add visibility to your scanned object.

Quick Guide Included to Address Your Concerns

A quick guide is also included in order to help you troubleshoot any issues you have during the initial set up and operation of the machine.